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Dreambikes is glad to present the new model more and more "ready to race". Specifically, the "Clubsport" has our new third-generation frame: optimized engine geometry and positioning, lightened by 2Kgs, with raised and rear footrests. It is also has a 3 points adjustable height, to reach the optimal set-up of the bike in any track and condition (wet, dry, low,medium, fast track, etc.).
Another novelty are the new Proshock "short travel" forks who have a 37mm stem and a total travel reduced to 120mm (against traditional forks have 240mm). They are adjustable in compression and rebound and have a specific calibration for pit motard use. This solution guarantees extreme ease of driving and a better feeling with bike, given by the reduced load transfers and by the lesser torsion of the stems.
More and more pit bike and minimoto tracks now require "Db Killer" to limit noise emissions, the Clubsport mounts a Braap exhaust with quiet baffle that can be installed / uninstalled in a few moments, according to needs and by acting on a single bolt.
The 200ml maxi lamellar radiator completes the equipment (the standard radiators have 100ml capacity only), this is to avoid overheating that causes annoying losses in power and reliability, to therefore have an engine always cooled properly and constant performance. Mono DNM Triple adjustment, fast throttle and the new raised and rear footrests with removable supports (and no longer welded directly to the frame) complete this race equipment.


- ZS180RS by TB Parts, assembled in Italy
- 22Hp, 2,2Kgm
- 64x55 bore x stroke
- TB Parts V2 head
- Lightweight ergal Rolling rocker arms
- EV8 stainless steel race valves, 30mm inlet 245mm exhaust
- TB Parts race camshaft
- 64mm cylinder
- 64mm TB Parts piston
- 4 Speed manual transmission (N1234), motard close ratio 1=2.62 2=1.71 3=1.353 4=1.05
- 6 plates clutch
- Advanced timing ignition, medium flywheel
- Digital CDI
- 200Ml Maxi Oil Radiator
- 26mm Carburetor
- 42mm Airfilter double foam
- Full Braaap Exhaust system with "DB Killer" quiet baffle


- 3rd Generation midsize chromoly perimeter frame

- Frame with height adjustable, 3 positions (slow, medium and fast tracks)

- Steelboxed swingarm

- Aluminum handlebar "Fatbar" 28mm

- Forged aluminum triple clamps, anti-torsion

- low motard handlebar risers

- KMC chain, 420

- High resistance steel rear sproket

- 220mm slotted front brake disc

- 190mm slotted rear brake disc

- Double-piston floating front brake caliper with oversized pump

- Single piston floating rear brake caliper



- Tubeless aluminum rims 12 "x2.15" front and 12 "x2.75" rear, with rubber damper hub

- PMT Slick 100/90 12 "front and 120/80 12" rear tires



- Proshock 720mm "Short Travel" Forks adjustable, 37mm stem, double cartridge adjustable on each single stem (compression and extension)

- DNM Hornet MT-RC 325mm monoshock, triple adjustment (compression, rebound, spring preload)



- "Clubsport" stickers by Curzio Graphics

- Quick throttle control

- Bolt-on, raised and rearward footpeg supports

- Short shift lever with folding end

- Removable race stand

- High quality saddle - tear / slip resistant

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