TB Piston Kit, V2 High Compression 60mm

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TB Piston Kit, V2 High Compression 60mm

10/10/19 – This is a brand new 60mm 12:2 high compression piston kit we developed for our V2 Race Head due to market changes and requests.  It includes:

  • Piston
  • Wrist Pin
  • Ring Set
  • Cir-clips

 For example compression on this piston is:

  • 11:3 –  with 180cc with the V2 Race Head
  • 12:2 –  with zs155

In both combinations above, high octane gas can be used (Race gas is not required).

Note:  This piston kit will also work on the Chinese YX and ZS engines with a 60mm bore combined with our V2 Race Head.

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